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Friday, July 29, 2022

Honey Bees & West Nile Virus Fears

Honey Bees & West Nile - Please think before you spray for mosquitoes or use water sources on your property for dumping any type of contaminate. Honey bees, like all animals, need water and collect it for several reasons:
*They are thirsty... but water collection specialist fill up like little tanker trucks and walk through the hive offering drinks to their siblings.
*The hive is too hot... they spew
water onto the beeswax hexagon combs and group fan to create an air conditioning effect.
*The bee babies are too warm... they need to stay at about 93-95F to develop properly and the older bees are constantly monitoring the brood nest area to cool or warm to meet optimal temperatures.
*The bees also vacate the hive in a perfectly normal "bearding" on the front of the hive to allow for these ventilation efforts to be successful.
*Honey bees can bring in one to two gallons of water a day in the warm days of summer.