BEEKEEPING IN THE NORTHEAST - An account of my beekeeping, not a treatise of expertise, but for friends & family who wish to keep bees vicariously through me, and for the occasional apiarist passer-by.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Honoring The Wildness

Saturday's CABA Bee School instructors were impressive, the class filled with engaged & practiced newbees & not-so-newbees. Always thought-provoking to interact with other beekeepers.

Missy from a Troy Hall nuc, 7am on a bright, spring day
and already back with the goods.

When asked many curious questions, I must have appeared vague about my so-called "treatment-free" practices, but there should be a round table about that subject sometime at bee schools because, like most management plans, it is usually unique to the beekeeper, their bees & their environment.

Someday, I hope very soon, we can stop talking about - and arguing about - varroa and celebrate instead the amazing honey bee and all the wonderful gifts evolution has brought about in her.

I wanted to be a beekeeper to take advantage of a colony's willingness to let us lean in close and interact with their wild natures. All I've ever sought to do is honor that wildness and enjoy the privilege. 12 seasons in, continually fascinated, never bored, and truly love being a part of beekeeping culture.