BEEKEEPING IN THE NORTHEAST - An account of my beekeeping, not a treatise of expertise, but for friends & family who wish to keep bees vicariously through me, and for the occasional apiarist passer-by.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Honey Harvest

My girls came through....5 gallons and I only pulled about 1/8 of what i saw capped! Pretty amazing experience.

A long time beekeeping friend who has stopped for awhile to pursue other talents, lent us her old extractor. We had a bit of a time putting it together but it turned out so well in the end.

Nice to save an old machine from the dump.

Pulled four medium frames from a honey super on top of my 10 frame hive in our garden.

Pulled three shallow frames each from honey supers on top of two hives on the hayfield.