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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bees and Salt

We set our kayak boots on the porch, full of ocean water, and the bees were all over them. I've read all I can find and there is no real definitive answer as to whether they are supposed to have salt in their diet or no.

During this event, we removed the shoes to the back deck to let them do their thing and the puddles left behind lent us some entertainment. Just when you think you can't be surprised again... Several bees fell on their backs in the water and my husband helped them up with a finger. Then, later, I watched as two bees lined up side by side next to a "drowning" bee in a rescue assist action, waiting for their sister to climb up over them and on to the side of the post. Amazing!

Here's a couple of nice Jewell Weed pictures I took this morning. The bumble bees are more active in our yard than the honey bees. Not sure why, but they were sure outnumbered when those shoes were full of salt water. My husband had an idea that perhaps the salt having absorbed moisture makes it convenient for them to get moisture or carry moisture back to the hive.

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