BEEKEEPING IN THE NORTHEAST - An account of my beekeeping, not a treatise of expertise, but for friends & family who wish to keep bees vicariously through me, and for the occasional apiarist passer-by.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weather Permitting

Well, there was at least 5 inches ice on the duck pond and what do you know, we woke up to 50 F on the porch yesterday morning!

All the bees were flying...some more than others. I'm not sure if I may have been seeing some robbing going on in the back yard hive as there was so much sugar on the porch step to the upper entrance when all the excitement calmed down.

I went out to the hay field and both hives still seem to have some life, but just a few bees were trying to get in and out amidst the those that had lived out their existence and begun to clutter the floor.

I removed the mouse guards and swept out what bees I could reach to make coming and going a little easier.