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Friday, July 1, 2016

Shed Bee Gals - Update

In April my little band of survivors from my shed swarm of last summer in Wonalancet were moved to a new location on the Rt 16 side of a very wild part of the Ossipee Mountain range. They've built up fast and have two deep boxes almost full of partly capped honey. No brood, so did they swarm after all? Very mild mood. Several broken queen cells... hmmm. A break in the brood cycle would explain the honey stores. Earlier last month I spotted almost a whole frame of drones. I worried this indicated a problem and that perhaps I had a swarm after all and a drone layer took over; however, today everything looks very normal and very productive.

I went ahead an pulled just three shallow frames of honey just to take a taste of what they've been up to. All weighed in at a little over eight pounds. Not bad, Crazy Comb Girl!

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