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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Essential Oil - Not A Wise Choice For Stimulant Feeding.

Just wanted to put here a valuable quote from the Beesource Forum. I have found it to be true. Here is a link to the thread asking about the value of essential oils in your stimulative spring feeding efforts and mite control. Beesource Forum Thread on Honey B Healthy.

Quote from BjornBee: "Sure using essential oils help with mites, etc. Anytime you place a foreign smell into a hive, whether thats honey b Healthy or anything else, the bees will go into an increased mite grooming/hygienic behavior phase.

I would use caution in using anything long term or repeated enough where long-term interference may be seen as reasons to supersede the queen, cause problems with normal pheromone communications (anything from queen to brood pheromone), and also what the contamination factor of wax and honey would be from long-term use. I know some who use it to calm the bees when doing inspections as they spray the bees. But I think feeding syrup laced with the stuff or year-round grease patties is something to avoid.

The claims of Honey B Healthy are some of the same claims by thymol users, smoke users of certain products (tobacco, etc.) and whatever else can be thrown into the mix. It simply comes down to the bees wanted to rid themselves of foreign smells that interfere with hive communications and normal, or should I say "natural" balance in the hive. I laugh for the number of people who want a more natural way of doing things, but yet are so eager to throw items into a hive that obviously are not natural to the bees, and impede the natural state of the hive in so many ways.

But certainly such products can be used effectively. I know there are options a lot cheaper than honey b healthy that are just as effective if you want the same impact, contamination, or results.

I do not agree with their claims, their negative selling tactics, or the casual use of those who truly do not realize the full consequences of long-term and continual use of such products. "

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