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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

43 degrees

On Sunday we had a January thaw and all hives were flying! 43 degrees F! So happy to see the girls!

All busy at the top and bottom entrances. Normal spotting around the hive in the snow and a few girls I'm sure did not make it back.

Need to take a peak at the sugar in the insulated top when all calms down and do a better clean out of the bottom board. Most of the little snow we had is all melted.

Only one good day of some cross country skiing and then a great deal of debris popping up in the trails through the woods around the hives. I so wanted to get into an Intermediate workshop in Maine but missed the deadline. Still on the fence about trying a WBC hive or a Warre. I'd hoped to have some experience with both as well as one of the the horizontal top bar hives; but if I spend money I guess it should be to fill the hives I have with nucs or packages. My first choice is already sold out... in January!

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