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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Feed The Bees

June 1st as recorded below

June 5th All bees ate all their syrup

June 8th All bees ate all....

June 11 evening feeding....Cold front coming, Rain. Center 10 frame hive did not touch the syrup. All other hives ate all.

June 17 Sunday - Some swarming type activity at the backyard 10 frame hive but too early for there to be a change over?? All ate all syrup. Beautiful sunny days but cool weather.

June 27th Ten days...but nice weather. All bees ate all....8 frame hives are bubbling up but was seeing them at 8 in the evening last night. One bee landed on me full of 8pm! Getting dark about 8:15...sun up about 4:30 but days will get shorter now. Next time I go in I'll add a super.

July 1st - 3.5 days - bees did not seem to touch the syrup. See next post for super tasks done.

I think it rained when the apple blossoms were in bloom so maybe not a good crop this fall. The wildflowers are just now all coming into bloom...all hives bringing in a lot of pollen when they can dodge the raindrops.

They've been at the hummingbird feeder and hanging on the kayak clothing that was not rinsed well from salt water.

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