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Friday, February 17, 2012

Looking Back on lost hive

I looked at my photos from November 2011 and the evidence of sugar fondant I provided the hive that died this February 2012. Could they have starved? I fed in November and their were five frames of honey in the hive. Perhaps they fed themselves into a corner...but I think the queen must have died.

Perhaps I let them down, but their work will not go to waste. The comb fortifications they labored all last season to build will start another hive off with a boost in the spring; the beautifully molded octagon cells will house brood from a new queen, nectar from a fresh harvest, pollen for future generations…and their healing honey has already flowed on our home made bread. Normally you don't reuse comb and honey from a dead hive, but I hear this advise and see my neighbor beekeeper use nothing but and her hives I'll learn for my self this year.

Left: November Feeding Right: February Dead

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