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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beginning The Winter Prep

Days now in the 40's F and the nights below freezing. Needless to say, all plants are past for the season. Took off all reducers and put on my hardware cloth mouse guards for maximum airflow. Worked last winter. Fingers crossed. Still to do:

1. Pack pine needles in all top empty supers to draw moisture away from bees. Worked last year. Fingers crossed. Don't forget this time to make a screen basket to hold the pine needles so feeding is not a chore in the spring and if fall allows it. This also will allow bees to come and go more easily instead of climbing through the needles. Last year we used a birch bark tunnel and they made do.

2. Make porches with roofs for all three hives for easy winter voiding flights.

3. Get homasote board back on Gold Hive.

Lavender 8 frame Hive is the small colony that swarmed. Still feeding as we don't know what the weather will do but did decide to wrap.
Gold Hive - overwintered 2010 Italians - still feeding but put on guard and hay bails on "cold" side.
Fuchsia 8 frame Hive still feeding but put on guard and hay bails on "cold" side.

Snow predicted...first of the season.


Christopher Beeson said...

Thanks for posting on this topic. This reminds me I should probably wrap my hive before long as we're only in the upper 50's here in MO.

My hives are nestled back in brush but could use a good tar-paper wrap to help seal up the gaps in my handy woodwork. :)

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Carol said...

I remember when we winterized our mobile home with bales of straw, back in the '50s in NY. We don't have that problem here in FL....but I'll be watching your blog anyways.

├želebi said...

why eight frame hive and beekeeping?

athenasbees said...

8 frame hives...easier to lift...but mainly because my bees never fill out the outside frames. I'm rethinking this a little as our local bee inspector said hives don't do as well up north in 8 frames; another inspector disagreed. We'll see how they come out this spring!