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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 10 Feeding the bees

Well, here I am mistakes and all...but the bees are happy. 54 degrees F but in the high 40's most of the day. Still 10 inches of snow!

Here is a video of my preparations to go to the hive:

They ate much of the patty I put in a week or so ago, and seem to be thriving. I replaced the pine needles with their super from last fall. I smeared on the bottom of the frames a little raw honey from a beekeeper in Vermont who I know has healthy bees in case they need the extra food and this will also entice them to move up.

I came without my smoke, but soon realized I would need it. This is as much for the bees sake as encourage them out of harms way. I should have prepared my work area better. We are still threatened with high winds but I need to get those hay bails pulled away.

Here is a video at the hive, replacing the pine-needle super with their super of drawn comb and honey from last fall.

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